Hey Ladies 🙂 Go through the gallery and pick your favorite headshot! If you think you have the shot you want retouched, click the image, it will pull the image up in a new window, up in the browser it says something like, “https://michaelscott03.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/img_6235.jpg”. Tell me the img_#. Let me know which image you want to michaelscott03@gmail.com! Thanks!! If you are wanting the disc of the images it is an additional $20. For any additional image you would like retouched it is $15 per image. Thanks!

IMG_7688 IMG_7691 IMG_7692 IMG_7695 IMG_7696 IMG_7707 IMG_7708 IMG_7721 IMG_7724 IMG_7726 IMG_7736 IMG_7742 IMG_7744 IMG_7745 IMG_7763 IMG_7765 IMG_7769 IMG_7775 IMG_7782 IMG_7783 IMG_7784 IMG_7785 IMG_7788 IMG_7789 IMG_7790 IMG_7793 IMG_7796 IMG_7799 IMG_7804 IMG_7806 IMG_7807 IMG_7815 IMG_7816 IMG_7818 IMG_7820 IMG_7823 IMG_7824 IMG_7825 IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7836 IMG_7838 IMG_7842 IMG_7844 IMG_7849 IMG_7850 IMG_7852 IMG_7855 IMG_7864 IMG_7868 IMG_7869 IMG_7870 IMG_7872 IMG_7875 IMG_7877 IMG_7879 IMG_7882 IMG_7884 IMG_7885 IMG_7890 IMG_7892 IMG_7895 IMG_7901 IMG_7902 IMG_7904 IMG_7906 IMG_7908 IMG_7909 IMG_7912 IMG_7915 IMG_7918 IMG_7922 IMG_7924 IMG_7927 IMG_7929 IMG_7932 IMG_7933 IMG_7934 IMG_7935 IMG_7940 IMG_7941 IMG_7942 IMG_7946 IMG_7952 IMG_7953 IMG_7955 IMG_7959 IMG_7962 IMG_7963 IMG_7965 IMG_7966 IMG_7969 IMG_7970 IMG_7972 IMG_7973 IMG_7976

IMG_7976 IMG_7980 IMG_7981 IMG_7983 IMG_7984 IMG_7986 IMG_7992 IMG_7996 IMG_7998 IMG_8000 IMG_8002 IMG_8004 IMG_8006 IMG_8007 IMG_8012 IMG_8014 IMG_8016 IMG_8017 IMG_8019 IMG_8023 IMG_8028 IMG_8031 IMG_8032 IMG_8033 IMG_8036 IMG_8039 IMG_8055 IMG_8059 IMG_8066 IMG_8073 IMG_8077


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